Pupil Premium

There is a National gap between the attainment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds when compared with students who are not regarded as disadvantaged. This gap is also prominent, nationally, for student progress, attendance and behaviour. There is additional funding for students classified as disadvantaged, that is any student who has been in receipt of free school meals at any point in the last 6 years (Ever 6).

At George Salter Academy figures for disadvantaged are in the 60th – 80th percentile of schools nationally. Despite the best efforts of parents and carers this can lead to students missing out on some of the essentials of education such as some aspects of independent study, some trips and educational experiences which can impair student progress.

We believe passionately that all students have the right to attain without unnecessary obstacles. By their very nature pupil premium groups can vary significantly from year to year so a direct comparison between year groups is difficult. The 2019 cohort of pupil premium students was 36% of the whole year group as compared to 48% for 2018. In 2018 Pupil premium boys outnumbered girls but in 2019 69% of pupil premium students were female. Our pupil premium results shows that there was a decline in the progress of girls from 0.13 in 2018 to -0.12 in 2019. For boys however progress 8 figures improved from -0.85 to -0.66. There was a slight improvement overall in the Progress 8 figure for our pupil premium students from -0.38 to -0.3. This reflects a three year trend.

We are certainly not content with these results and our drive in 2019-20 is to tackle in school variation between subjects so the teaching of and outcomes for pupil premium students for all subjects more closely reflects what is happening with our very best provision.

We will reflect closely on the progress our students make at each assessment milestone and will put in to place actions to close any gaps that are developing between the performance of pupil premium and non pupil premium students.

Through our Character Development action plan we will ensure all students gain access to essential aspects of cultural capital in a timely and strategic manner. For instance all Year 7 students will climb a mountain, will have a day of aspiration building with Cambridge University and will visit the seaside. This is in addition to ensuring we minimise gaps in reading and writing skills, basic numeracy, the opportunity to complete homework and other essential aspects of academic progress at Year 7 and in other year groups. Ambition, Belief and Courage are the essential focii of our Character development programme and this will drive pupil premium outcomes.

We will aim to ensure there is proportionality for pupil premium students on all trips, in all sports teams, in productions, in extra curricular activities and in our setting.

To find more out about how George Salter Academy used the money it received in 2018/19 please view the documents at the bottom of the page.

Total number of
pupils on roll
Total number of pupils
eligible* for PPG
Amount of PPG
received per pupil
Total amount£402,050£395,625
(incl. 4 looked
after children
@ (1,090)