A word from our sponsor

Who we are

Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is a national education charity and one of the largest MATs in England, underpinned by our founder, Peter Murray’s (Ormiston Trust) belief that every child should be given a chance to thrive. With almost 5,000 staff and over 35,000 pupils, we are one of the longest established trusts and have been sponsoring academies since 2009.

We serve pupils from many communities, all with their unique character, strengths and challenges. Our sole purpose is to provide OAT pupils with excellent learning opportunities, inside and outside the classroom.

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We are ambitious for the 35,000+ children and young people we are responsible for as they all deserve to be given every chance to succeed. Whether the pupils attend our primary, secondary, special or alternative provision academies we are determined that every pupil we serve will be given the opportunity to realise their dreams and aspirations.

For us to achieve this we know we must work in partnership with others. Children and young people live in families of different types, located in diverse communities. Our role is to provide a haven in which our pupils can thrive regardless of the context in which they are growing up. We are proud to be an outward-facing organisation committed to deepening and extending our work with others locally, regionally and nationally.

Mission and values

We believe that strength and impact are maximised by working as one team – from which comes our commitment to achieving more together – underpinned by our values, which inform all that we do.

  • Anyone can excel: unwavering belief that everyone can achieve 
  • Enjoy the challenge: perseverance pays dividends 
  • Share what is best: we achieve more from working together 
  • Be inclusive: celebrating our diversity and practicing equity

Our priorities for the next five years, flow from these values as they embody who we are and the goals we are setting for ourselves.

OAT Strategy

Download the OAT Strategy below.