Student Union

In Post-16 we have a Head Team of students called the Student Union. At the start of the year each form elect a member of their form group to represent them as the Head Team member. The group meet each week to discuss student concerns and ask questions on behalf of their form, ensuring their fellow student’s voices are heard.

The Head Team also work on various projects such as fundraising, school environment and democracy. The students involved report back to their form groups on a regular basis to ensure actions are taken, issues are addressed and also to improve communication between staff and students.

The Head Team are made up of both Year 12 and Year 13 students who work within different areas to generate ideas for initiatives within Post-16 and the whole school community. The Year 13 team are made up of two student presidents who are the face of our Academy and provide management and support to the rest of the team.

This Years Team

This year’s student presidents are Arvani Gill and Paavan Sehmar.

In Year 13 we also have 4 Vice Presidents, each responsible for a different area:

  • Elizabeth White- VP Education and Careers
  • Esha Khan- VP Welfare
  • Louis Elsmore- VP Community and Charity
  • Sophie Haney and Aaron Shelton- VP Activities