The successful growth in the Mathematics department has been achieved because of its experienced and inspiring members. We pride ourselves on our ethos which is to achieve through teamwork.

Through collaboration, sharing information and goals, the department provides its students with an innovative and challenging learning environment, ensuring all students not only become academically successful but also find Mathematics at George Salter Academy to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Study Support

The Maths department provide intervention and study support to Year 11 on a weekly basis and throughout the year study support sessions are provided for each year group to ensure they are being challenged and progress well within mathematics.

Key Concepts


Mr H. Bhorjee (Head of Mathematics), e-mail: [email protected]

"I think it was knowing how much my teacher believed in me that made me successful in my GCSE exams."

"Maths at George Salter is really interesting and fun."

"Students receive a lot of support from staff and they are always willing to help you."

"Teachers make Maths really interesting and I am excited to learn."

Mathematics is taught across all Key Stages. It is compulsory for all students at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Year 7, 8 & 9

Students in year 7, 8 and 9 follow a 3 year scheme of work, allowing pupils to develop their mathematical skills through core topics, as well as engaging pupils with functional activities. Students are assessed termly to ensure progress is made and interventions are put in place for required assistance. The three year scheme allows pupils to progress in a structured manner allowing them to develop all key areas of Mathematics.

At the end of the two year scheme pupils will have covered all topics which include, Number, Algebra, Shape and Data.

In Year 9, students are finishing their final year of KS3 and will continue preparing the skills and units they need for GCSE Mathematics so by the time they are in Years 10 and 11, they feel better prepared for the styles of exam questions that are required at GCSE level.


Pupils in KS3 are also provided with an intervention scheme to boost their progression and thinking skills. The scheme requires pupils to be closely monitored and tracked to reach or exceed their targets.

Year 7 Mathematics Curriculum Map

Year 8 Mathematics Curriculum Map

Year 9 Mathematics Curriculum Map

Year 10 & 11

Years 10 and 11 are important years as students begin to prepare for their first GCSE exam in the summer. Students are provided with support afterschool.


  • Afterschool interventions 3pm - 4pm


Exam results2017201820192020
GCSE8.4% 9-7;
34% 9-5;
56% 9-4;
98% 9-1
8.24% 9-7;
33.2% 9-5;
60.2% 9-4;
93.4% 9-1
13.2% 9-7;
38.1% 9-5;
66.0% 9-4;
98% 9-1
14.0% 9-7; 40.0% 9-5; 69.5% 9-4; 100% 9-1.

Table of GCSE Maths exam results 2017 – 2020.

Year 10 Mathematics Curriculum Map (Foundation)

Year 10 Mathematics Curriculum Map (Higher)

Year 11 Mathematics Curriculum Map (Foundation)

Year 11 Mathematics Curriculum Map (Higher)

At KS5, the Maths Department offers courses such as GCSE Mathematics and A Level Mathematics.

Please view our dedicated Sixth Form section for more information on the courses available.