World Languages

The World languages department consists of 3 full time members of staff and 1 part time member of staff along with a community languages team delivering Polish and Punjabi.

We offer both French and Spanish at key stage 3, 4 and 5. Our community language program delivers lessons geared to Key stage 4 and Key stage 5.

The department works in conjunction with other Sandwell and Ormiston schools to promote success in Languages.

Study Support and Extra-Curricular Activities

The staff and our Post 16 ambassadors offer a wide range of opportunities both in and out of lessons, which not only support students with their language learning experience, but also offer an insight into culture. We are currently running a number of extra-curricular clubs geared towards improving independence in language learning (Transition Club), broadening the cultural awareness of our students (World film club) and we are excited to be launching a new Twinning club in the summer term with a partner school in France.

The department regularly takes part in University-led languages enrichment days and is in the process of organising an joint French-Food Technology trip to Northern France during the summer term.

The World Languages department has 4 classrooms that are specifically designated to the subject area.


Mrs J. Brown (Head of Department), email: [email protected]

"Spanish isn’t like other subjects it has a real use in my life. I really enjoyed being able to speak to people on the Spain trip, they actually understood me!"

"French is hard, but being able to have a conversation that other people can’t understand is great!"

"The French trip was amazing, we had so much fun and learnt a lot, the teachers were kind and really cared about us, they wanted us to have fun and planned lots of activities."

"Belgium was so much fun. Living with a French family really helped me improve my French."

French or Spanish is compulsory for all year 7 and 8 students.

Year 7

Personal introductions, Family, Countries and Nationalities, Physical descriptions, Sport and Leisure.

Year 8

Home and Local Area, Healthy Living, Food and Drink, Planning a visit, Shopping and Fashion.

Year 9

Festivals and Celebrations, Free Time and the Media.


Proposed trip to Belgium for language study and exchange; proposed trip to Spain.

School Exam

Mock speaking and writing assessment in December, formal speaking and writing assessment in the summer.

Students in Key Stage 4 must currently take a Language subject, either French or Spanish.

Key Stage 4 allows students to study language, grammar and culture in more depth, with a significant focus upon Speaking and Writing skills.

Year 10

School work and future plans, Home and local area.


Formal speaking and writing assessments, mock listening and reading exam.

Year 11

Home and local area, Environment, Family and relationships.

Your GCE Modern Language course in either French or Spanish gives you a strong foundation for understanding both language and culture.

You will study the French/Spanish speaking world and the language in depth through a variety of interesting and topical themes.

Please visit our sixth form section for more information.  Please view our dedicated Sixth Form section for more information.