You Said, We Did

As an academy we highly value parental feedback. We are continuously looking for opportunities to further develop what we do here at George Salter’s and through your feedback these are some recent changes we have made.

You Said

We Did

“Greater levels of communication to teaching staff”

We developed our class charts platform to now include direct messaging to members of staff

“Communications are difficult to understand when English is not a first language “

Our academy website is now available to be translated into community languages. We upload all letters home onto the news tab which can then be translated

“Parents Evening booking process to be direct between parent and teacher so that appointments are accurate”

We now use an online booking system so that parents/carers are in control of all appointments. There is even a handy notes option to give the teacher notice of a specific area you would like to discuss

“Reduce waiting times to see staff at parents evenings”

Our online booking system creates travel time between appointments to reduce the need to rush from one to the next. We display staff appointments outside rooms to help remind everyone of timings

“Opportunities to meet with school leadership”

Our regular parent forums with the senior leadership of the academy offer you the chance to learn more about various topics and help shape what we do as a school

“Regular updates for day to day activities and student life”

The announcement feature on class charts provides you with notifications direct to your mobile device about updates and information for your child

“How can I see my child’s attendance”

This is available to now view on class charts so that you can keep up to date with attendance. Our target is 96%

“I would like to learn more about specific subjects so that I can support my child”

We are regularly posting and updating ‘master classes’ from our subject leaders on various topics. This will allow you to learn more about specific subjects and how to support your child’s learning and development

“It would be useful to have a document after an induction meeting to refer too”

Our new GSA family handbook is packed full of information and is available in main reception and also provided at induction meetings