Key Stage 4

There is a balanced and broad range of challenging and rigorous courses in Key Stage 4 where students are explicitly aware, at every stage, of what they are learning and what they will be tested on. We pride ourselves on developing artists, linguists, historians, geographers and athletes of the future.

We start our Key Stage 4 curriculum in year 10; all students follow courses with appropriate guided learning hours for course completion. During this two year period all students study: English, Mathematics, Science, PE, PSHE, RE and Careers. British Values, SRE and Citizenship are developed within the taught academic curriculum.

The curriculum is broad and well balanced with English Baccalaureate (Ebacc.) qualifications available for all.

In Year 10 there is a Triple Science pathway where students have the opportunity to study triple sciences, history or geography, a modern foreign language and one further option. We believe those studying Triple Science will benefit from the world context that studying a language brings. It also helps to support students understanding of our GSA Concepts such Creativity, Belief and Identity whilst also developing their literacy.

In the new KS4 curriculum students have the opportunity to study Trilogy Science, following advice and guidance, and where appropriate some are actively encouraged to do so. All students have an opportunity to consider studying a language. All students have the choice to study either history and/ or geography and select two further options.

Students can follow pathways through Vocational Qualifications, traditional GCSEs or a combination of both.

Curriculum options in years 10 and 11 include:

Art & Photography, Textiles, Business, Child Development, Health and Social Care, Catering, Geography, History, Computer Science, ICT, French, Spanish, Sociology, PE, Sports Studies, Dance, Drama, Music, Music Technology, Product Design, and RE.