Music Tech (A Level)


Introduction to Course

Recorded music dates back to the 1800s when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and recordings were only available to the wealthy. Since then music technology has evolved to the point where music is now freely accessible to anyone, at anytime and on a variety of playback devices. If you listen to any piece of music, from any time period, then that music has been recorded, produced, composed or arranged by someone. This course enables you to be that someone by teaching you the skills of recording, composing using technology and learning to use your ears more critically when listening to or creating music.

Exam Board/Specification

Edexcel 8MT01/9MTO1


A Level

  • Component 1: Multi-track Recording (9MT0/01)
  • Component 2: Technology-based composition (9MT0/02)
  • Component 3: Listening and analysing Exam (9MT0/03)
  • Component 4: Producing and analysing Exam (9MT0/04)


A Level

  • Component 1 (9MT0/01) – 20% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Component 2 (9MT0/02) – 20% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Component 3 (9MT0/03) – 25% of overall course (external exam)
  • Component 4 (9MT0.04) – 35% of overall course (external exam)

Progression Routes

The course provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to study Music Technology and Sound Engineering to degree level.