School Houses

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House Point League- Week 15th-19th March

Congratulations Trinity!

End of Term Results

Congratulations to TRINITY for being the House Winners at the end of Term One.

Can any of the other school houses overtake them next year?

You can earn house points in 3 ways:

  • Credits
  • Attendance
  • Inter-house competitions & after-school clubs

Throughout the year there are numerous house events taking place. For each student taking part and each house member cheering them on from the audience, your house is awarded points. House points are collected over the course of the year from all students, Years 7-13 and determine who wins the house trophy at the end of the school year.

Some inter-house events include:

  • Masterchef/ Bake-off
  • George’s Got Talent
  • Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
  • Staff and Student Quizzes
  • Sports Day
  • Chess Competition
  • Harry Potter Quiz Night
  • Lip Sync Battle