Vision & Values

Ambition, Belief and Courage

These are our core GSA values and what we endeavour to instil in all our young people from the moment they arrive and join our family.

As an Academy we all strive…

To be AMBITIOUS in our thoughts.

To have BELIEF in our potential.

To be COURAGEOUS in our actions.

Our mission is passionate, strong and resonates throughout our whole academy.

‘We are George Salter Academy and we are ambitious for every child. We defy disadvantage and believe that all students, regardless of their background, should be equally able to realise personal goals, achieve outstanding outcomes and reach their full potential. We promise to provide the same breadth and depth to our curriculum and provision for all students regardless of background or prior attainment.

Our students will develop a passion for learning which will allow them to make informed decisions and determine their own future amongst the demands of 21st century life.

We want to see a society that benefits from the contributions of our well-educated and empowered young people.’