Law (A Level)


Introduction to Course

This interesting and exciting law course aims to give students a sound understanding of the English legal system and law making. Law students will also study Criminal Law, developing their understanding of crimes such as murder, manslaughter and theft. A Level Law students also study the Law of Tort and Human Rights Law. Students will develop their understanding of legal concepts by applying the law to scenarios and being able to see the legal system in action really develops their interest in this fascinating subject.

Year 12 A Level Law Curriculum Map

Year 13 A Level Law Curriculum Map

Exam Board/Specification

OCR H418


A Level Unit Codes:

  • H418/01
  • H418/02
  • H418/03

A Level Assessment

  • Unit H415/01: The Legal System and Criminal Law 2 hour written examination (33.3%)
  • Unit H415/02: Law Making and the Law of Tort 2 hour written examination (33.3%)
  • Unit H415/03: Further Law 2 hour written examination (33.3%)

Progression Routes

Law is very useful for those wishing to either study for a law degree, a social science or business degree, or any other degree. It can lead to a career in the law, or many other areas including business, human resources, finance, and education. Studying law develops key skills which are valuable for students seeking employment after Sixth Form.