Key Stage 3

In our new three-year Key Stage 3 curriculum design we provide breadth and balance through the study of National Curriculum subjects. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum focus is the mastery of knowledge and skills needed for future learning whilst also providing a plethora of enrichment opportunities for students. We articulate clear curriculum expectations to ensure that outstanding progress can be achieved by all students.

At George Salter Academy, our three year KS3 curriculum is knowledge-led, challenging in terms of content and rich in experiences which will help to develop the cultural capital of our students; our students will be independent, confident and love learning. The curriculum is coherent, interleaved with clear cross-curricular links to deepen students’ long term memory and therefore their resilience.

Every subject area outlines the key concepts the students must master in the form of a knowledge organiser. To build long term memory, regular, routine testing takes place in lessons. Homework consolidates literacy/numeracy terms in the form of revision and these are tested in lessons.

All students have the same curriculum entitlement but where needed, there is intervention through years 7 and 8 for the development of core knowledge and skills, with particular emphasis on supporting reading.

The students are placed in two equal bands and follow an identical curriculum which consists of the following subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Geography, History, RE, MFL, PSHE, Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Product Design, Graphics, Food Technology and ICT.