We are proud of our Academy and expect all students to wear our uniform with pride.

Year 7-11 Academy Dress

  • Blazer – black Blazer with school badge.
  • Jumper – optional.
  • Skirt – only knee length skirts are permitted in the academy. Stretchy or tight fitted skirts are not suitable.
  • Trousers – plain black tailored trousers. The trousers must have a hem and must not have wide or narrow bottom. Trousers should not be denim, lycra, cord or hipster style. The bottom of the trouser should sit on the shoe and not cling to the leg.
  • Shoes – plain black leather style, strong school shoe. No open toe design, trainers, pump or canvas shoes, stilettoes, mules or sling backs. All shoes must have a proper heel not greater than 3cms. Trainers are not permitted. We do not allow boots to be worn as shoes. The open “Dolly” shoe is also not permitted. Any shoe with sport branding will be considered a trainer. A Kickers style show is permitted but lacing and stitching should be plain black. Photos of all acceptable footwear can be found on the academy website.
  • Tie – ties must be worn with 6 stripes showing on the outer.
  • Outdoor coat – most plain black outdoor coats are acceptable. Casual jackets, tracksuit tops, sweatshirts and hoodies are not permitted. Students should not wear any of these items inside or over their blazer.

We do not allow:

  • Hooded sweatshirts, or caps of any description, must not be brought onto the Academy site.
  • Trainers or boots must not be worn in the Academy.
  • Scarves must be removed inside the building.

You can buy your George Salter Academy uniform from Clive Mark Schoolwear.


  • One wristwatch is acceptable.
  • Students with pierced ears are allowed one pair of PLAIN stud earrings in the lobe of their ears (only one earring per ear). No other piercings are acceptable.
  • Students are allowed to wear one signet ring.
  • Jewellery must be removed for PE and handed to a member of staff for safe keeping.
  • If a student is not in full uniform, they will be placed in House Reflection until they are back in the correct uniform.

Nail Varnish/ Extensions

Coloured nail varnish and extensions are not allowed.  


Hair can only be dyed a natural colour. Hair styles must not be extreme and should be conservative in design.


Make-up is not allowed for any student. Students who choose to wear make-up to school will be asked to remove it before entering lessons.