Students FAQ

We have created a series of questions that you as a new student at GSA might have. We will continue to answer questions over the summer and update this section to support you all.

Q. Where do I go on my first day?

A. You will be met on your first day at the front gate on Davey Road. You will then be guided by staff to meet your form tutors on the basketball courts. You will then spend some time with your new form.

Q. What do I do if I get lost on my first day?

A. You can ask any of our students and staff where to go. At lesson changeover, all our staff are out on the corridors or standing by their classrooms so there will be lots of people to help. You will get a tour of the academy on your first day.

Q. How do I get rewards?

A. You can get recognition for your efforts in school in a number of ways. This includes how you conduct yourself as a member of our school community, you need to be present and take pride in your work and uniform, be involved in as many clubs and activities as possible, and be kind and friendly to all. At GSA we use the system ClassCharts to award students with credits, please see the student guide to learn more.

Q. Who do I see if I am worried about something?

A. There are a lot of people you can see if you are worried. You can speak to your classroom teacher, your form tutor or your Student Welfare Manager, Miss Robinson.

Q. Who is my form tutor and which House will I be in?

A. Your form tutors will be welcoming you with a letter very soon revealing who they are and which House you will belong to! Click here to find out more about our 4 school houses.

Q. What happens if I am late?

A. If you are late you must report to the main reception. If we do not get a note or a phone call to explain why, you will be placed in a detention at the end of school that day. Attendance and punctuality are very important to us here at George Salter.

Please visit the ‘For Students‘ section of the website for information about Student Leadership, Careers, Exam Preparation and the GSA Podcast.