Maths Core (Level 3)


Introduction to Course

Core maths (AQA) is a level 3 qualification that can be taken alongside A-levels or vocational qualifications and is equivalent in size to an AS level. It is designed to provide students with mathematical, statistics and data skills that they will need for most post-16 subjects and for future employment, extending on their GCSE knowledge. Core Maths develops the quantitative and problem-solving skills so highly valued by employers. The primary focus is on using and applying mathematics and statistics to address authentic problems and real-life scenarios, drawn from study, work and life, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving. 

Exam Board/Specification

AQA Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies


  • Paper 1: Compulsory Content (analysis of data, personal finance and estimation)
  • Paper 2: Either Statistical Techniques, Critical Path and Risk Analysis or Graphical Techniques


All exam papers require the use of a calculator

  • Paper 1: 1 hour 30 mins
  • Paper 2: 1 hour 30 mins

Progression Routes

The Level 3 certificate will enhance the Maths skills needed for other A Level subjects and is useful in supporting preparation for university courses, which require the use of Maths. It will also give students skills that can be used in the workplace in a variety of settings.