George Salter Academy will be led by Rupi Bellingham as permanent Head of School who has been with the academy for seven years. Rupi has played a significant role in supporting the academy’s continued success and will be taking forward this experience and expertise to ensure George Salter Academy goes from strength to strength.

As Senior Principal, I would like to welcome you to George Salter Academy or “George’s” as it is affectionately named by students and the local community. Our Academy is built upon mutual respect within a cohesive, multi-cultural community. It is based upon the belief that all children can excel and should be encouraged to be the best they can possibly be.

The Academy is at the heart of its community, raising aspirations through positive, “can do” attitudes and supporting individual needs, whilst stretching and providing challenge for all. The Academy is like a family, looking after its members, supporting them to learn from mistakes, providing them with consistency, routine and high expectations, opportunities and choices. We believe strongly that “success breeds success”.

Students are treated as individuals and choose, with advice and guidance, curriculum programmes suited to their own academic and personal abilities, talents and needs. Education does not only take place during the school day. Our enrichment and study support programmes have been recognised locally and nationally for their quality. Opportunities for students range from a wide variety of sports to Duke of Edinburgh Awards, frequent theatre visits and high-quality performing arts provision, holiday programmes, trips and residential visits both at home and abroad.

Our core values are “ambition, belief and courage”. Staff believe that by modelling and instilling these values into our students, they will develop into strong, caring and productive people who will be valuable members of their community and are prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our mission is passionate, strong and resonates throughout our whole academy.

We are George Salter Academy and we are ambitious for every child. We defy disadvantage and believe that all students, regardless of their background, should be equally able to realise personal goals, achieve outstanding outcomes and reach their full potential. We promise to provide the same breadth and depth to our curriculum and provision for all students regardless of background or prior attainment.

Our students will develop a passion for learning which will allow them to make informed decisions and determine their own future amongst the demands of 21st century life.

We want to see a society that benefits from the contributions of our well-educated and empowered young people.

Adrian Price, Senior Principal