Assessment and Recording


  • Formal assessments will take place in all subjects at least once per half term. These will be used to track progress over the academic year.
  • Each assessment will be colour coded so that they are easy to identify.
  • In addition each year group will have a formal exam week.
  • All exams where possible will be executed in the Sports Hall under strict supervision.
  • Band and set changes will take place following these exams


  • All exercise books will have a record of these colour coded results on the front cover
  • All assessment results will be recorded in Go4Schools

Each data snapshot will record the following:

  • Attitude to Classwork
  • Attitude to Homework
  • On-going Working at Grade
  • Latest Assessment/Exam Grade
  • End of Year Forecast Grade

Reporting- Go 4 Schools

  • Data and attitude reports will be posted onto Go 4 Schools for parents to access at the end of each half term.
  • Each student will receive one full written report during the course of the year
  • There will be at least one parents’ evening per year group.

GSA is using Go 4 Schools as an online Assessment, Recording & Reporting real time system. Parents are able to view their child's progress in all subjects and have access to their reports online as soon as they are released by the Academy throughout the year.

You can find the following on Go 4 Schools:

  • Student's timetable
  • Detailed Progress
  • Whole School Attendance
  • Reports
  • Key Grades Achieved 

Help and Support

To access Go 4 Schools and request a password, click on this link: Go 4 Schools

For any further support in accessing Go 4 Schools or to request a paper copy of the most recent report, please contact the Academy on: 0121 553 4665 (ext 5289)