The PE department is a well-staffed and resourced department that uses a range of coaches and support staff to offer our students the best PE and Sport opportunities possible. The facilities at our disposal are amongst the best in the borough and comprise of a large playing field, a full sized astro turf, a small astro turf, Netball and Tennis courts and refurbished sports hall and fitness studio. The department’s capacity to deliver examination theory lessons is enhanced through the use of 2 classroom bases within the PE building.

We intend for all pupils to gain a core understanding of why physical activity contributes to mental health and leading a healthy and active lifestyle and the importance of this in the curriculum. To provide a deeper knowledge of skills, techniques and tactics needed to be a successful sports performer and to challenge pupils to aspire to perform at the best possible level. Alongside the practical element, pupils will gain a theoretical insight into the theory behind PE and how this can link with other subjects to deepen knowledge further.

7 Year Journey through GSA

Key Subject Concepts

Study Support

The department offers a wide range of study support opportunities after school in a variety of sporting areas and activities. These opportunities provide for pupils across the ability range and are aimed at developing sporting capabilities as well as providing pupils with an opportunity to develop health, fitness and social skills that sport naturally provides. These practical opportunities are in addition to the academic support offered for examination PE students both at lunchtime and after school. As well as provide these opportunities, the academy has an array of representative teams performing at both a local and regional level.


Mrs A Hill (Head of Department), email: [email protected]

In KS3 students at George Salter Academy will have the chance to experience a plethora of activities which cover a variety of practical, evaluative and analytical skills to prepare them for KS4 and most importantly, lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Our fantastic facilities support the learning of numerous sports such as Football, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Trampolining, Hockey, Gymnastics, Rugby, Handball, Athletics, Fitness, Tennis, Cricket, Rounders and Softball.

The curriculum is supported by an extensive range of enrichment opportunities where students can play recreationally after school and compete in local, County and Regional competitions. The practical activities are taught alongside a knowledge rich curriculum where students will learn theory each week embedded within their lessons which will help students if they opt into PE at KS4.

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9 Curriculum Map

In years 10-11 all pupils receive 2 periods of PE each week. Within this curriculum they follow a similar programme that focuses on a smaller range of activities as pupils begin to specialise in certain areas. Key Stage 4 (Examination) Pupils in year 9 have the option to select PE / Sport Studies as an examination option and follow either a BTEC or GCSE course which takes them through until the end of year 11. This forms part of the academy option process and these pupils receive a further 3 periods of PE each week in addition to their “core” allocation. Please see the options videos for more information about these courses.

Year 10 GCSE PE Curriculum Map

Year 11 BTEC Sport Curriculum Map

Year 11 GCSE PE Curriculum Map

At KS5, the Physical Education Department offer the following courses, Physical Education- A Level and BTEC Sport Level 3: National Extended Certificate.

Please visit the designated Sixth Form section to find out more information about the courses we offer.