School Meals


Here at George Salter Academy, our highly trained and experienced Catering manager and and her team offer high quality school meals at an affordable price. Our friendly staff are multiskilled and motivated in providing the highest quality food and standards for the students to be able to enjoy their school meals.

We offer a large variety of meals for all students and staff, ranging from meat dishes to vegetarian meals:

  • We have a sandwich bar which offers a great range of sandwiches, baguettes and wraps, and also pizza’s.
  • Our very own "Pasta King" counter has a variety of meat and vegetarian based sauces, served with pasta, and topped with cheese for a quick and easy snack.
  • Breakfast is served during morning break where we offer a large choice of items such as toast, cheese/jam on toast, bacon/sausage sandwiches and croissants.

We try to ensure that we use the freshest ingredients from our suppliers, as this is an important element to providing the highest quality meals. Therefore, we do not plan more than a few days in advance, our sample menu can be found below to use as a guide to the meals that we serve.

Students in ANY year group who bring their own packed lunches may eat in the West/Dining Hall from the beginning of lunchtime.

Reminder - sandwiches are now available to purchase at break time.

Theme Days

As a catering team, we run "theme days" where we cook various dishes from around the world to encourage the students to try something new. We also try to incorporate memorable dates throughout the year to use these for inspiration for different themes.

Cashless Catering System

Our Cashless Catering System allows quick and easy payment for all school meals and reduces long queues at the tills. Money is loaded onto students' accounts using their fingerprints at the machines located around the Academy. Once students have selected their meal or snack from the dining rooms, their fingerprint is scanned and the cost of the items is deducted from their account.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the catering at GSA, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 553 4665, ext 5328 where we will do our best to answer any of your questions.

Free School Meals

Could your child be eligible for Free School Meals?

Free school meals logo

Many of our families could get Free School Meals but do not claim for them; your child may be entitled to Free School Meals if:

  • your annual income is less than £16,190, and
  • you claim Child Tax Benefit

You may also qualify for Free School Meals if you receive any of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit (including Child Tax Credit)
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Support from the National Asylum Support Service
  • Employment and Support Allowance

If you have answered Yes, your child may be entitled to Free School Meals.

Please fill in the form and return it to the Academy (you need to provide evidence of your entitlement to receive the Free School Meal allowance).

Once the form has been processed, your child will automatically have the allowance loaded onto their Cashless Catering account on a daily basis.

Not only does the process allow your child to receive a Free School Meal but also entitles them to various subsidies for school trips and residentials.