Psychology (A Level)


Introduction to Course

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour. Studying psychology is about being able to explain and assess explanations for why people behave as they do from different perspectives. Students learn to consider why other people’s behaviour may differ from their own, depending on influences such as upbringing and past experiences. They also investigate how research is conducted and the methods of studying behaviour that are used by psychologists. After studying psychology students are expected to be able to design their own research.

Curriculum Journey

Key Concepts

Exam Board/Specification

AQA 7182


  • Paper 1 – Social influence – Memory – Attachments – Psychopathology
  • Paper 2 – Bio psychology – Approaches in psychology – Research methods
  • Paper 3 – Issues and debates – Relationships – Schizophrenia – Forensic psychology


  • 3 two-hour exams

Progression Routes

As well as studying psychology at degree level, in the workplace psychology is seen as a good basis for a wide range of professions where working with other people is central such as; Teaching, Policing, Social work, Customer services, Counselling, Nursing, Management roles