The History Department at George Salter Academy is a strong team who are passionate about their subject and the skills and opportunities that the study of History can offer students. We have five full time subject specialists in the Department - Mr Wolffel, Mrs Allen, Mrs Fasham, Ms Williams, Mrs Field and Ms Digpal.

We give George’s students the opportunity to study a wide range of historical events, time periods and individuals with a focus on developing the use of literacy, the ability to interpret and debate, as well as supporting students in improving the skill of enquiry and source analysis.


The GSA History Department’s vision is to develop pupils’ intellectual curiosity, learn about who they are and the past of humankind, as well as become responsible, informed citizens of the worldAs part of this we aim for history to teaches key knowledge, key skills and broaden horizons whilst trying to make the subject fun and engaging!

Study Support

The History Department offers a number of study support sessions for students across different year groups. Key Stage 4 and 5 students are well supported in preparation for their examinations with after school revision and twilight sessions.


Mr N. Wolffel (Head of Department), email: [email protected]

“I like that I can learn things about the past to get a broader mind on what was happening in different time periods.”

“The lessons are always well planned and they are really enjoyable too!”

“I like how we're getting interesting topics which impact the world today”

Year 7

History Learning Enquiries

  • Why does 1066 matter?
  • How much power did the Medieval Church have?
  • How much power did Medieval monarch have?
  • Why was the Black Death the end of the World?
  • Did the Reformation change anything?
  • What is Britain's migration history?

During year 7 students have the opportunity to visit Kenilworth Castle and Worcester Cathedral.

Year 8

History Learning Enquiries

  • Why was the English Civil War so shocking?
  • Did life improve in the Renaissance?
  • How did Britain develop its empire?
  • Why do we celebrate the abolition of slavery?
  • How was the Plains Indians' way of life destroyed?
  • Was there more to Victorian Britain than dirt and disease?

Year 8 have the opportunity to visit Hampton Court Palace and Keddleston Hall.

Year 9

History Learning Enquiries

  • Why do we remember WW1?
  • How did women get the vote?
  • Did WW2 change the world?
  • Why didn't people stop Hitler?
  • What was the Holocaust?
  • Why has America dominated 20th century history?

Year 9 have the opportunity to go to the Imperial War museum in London.

In 10 and 11 pupils prepare for their GCSEs, learning new content and skills. The content is varied, focusing on areas of British, and non-British History.

The modules we offer are:

  • Medicine through Time - an investigation into how medicine has changed from the Medieval period to the modern day, including some weird and wonderful ideas. This includes a depth study focusing on medicine on the Western Front in WW1.
  • Nazi Germany - students explore how the Nazis came to power in Germany and how the Nazis changed Germany.
  • Elizabeth I - pupils study the problems facing an iconic monarch and how she dealt with problems ranging from religion, the cousin Mary queen of Scots, and Spain.
  • The American West - a study into the life of Native Americans, cowboys and how settlers pushed West.

To effectively support your child through their GCSE, please encourage them to review this content regularly through active strategies, such as:

  • Creating, and using, flashcards they make on topics
  • Mindmapping the content using their Knowledge Organiser, then trying it from memory adding in what they missed afterwards
  • 'Brain dumping' - where they take a specific key topic or subsection and write down everything they remember. They then check this using their Knowledge Organiser and add in the missing parts.
  • 'Just a minute' - they pick a topic and need to talk about it for 60 seconds.
  • Q&A - they create short quiz questions based on what is on the Knowledge Organiser. They can then give their questions and answers to you to quiz them with.

Year 10 and 11 students in the past have visited Hampton Court, the Battlefields of WW1 and Berlin.

Exam Results- 2018 17%9-7, 58% 9-4.   2019 – 21% 9-7, 65.4% 9-4    2020 – 20% 9-7, 62.8% 9-4

Understand the significance of historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time. Gain a deeper understanding of the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. The engaging topics of the Tudors and the Cold War will provide knowledge and skills required to succeed as AS and A Level historians.

We use a variety of teaching styles, such as debate, presentation, discussion, creating press conferences and competitions, along with more traditional styles of teaching and learning. At 6th form studying AS and A Level, History pupils have a real chance to experience History with trips to Worcester Cathedral, Hampton court Palace and Westminster Abbey.