The Geography Department, which also includes Travel and Tourism, is a strong team who are passionate about their subject and the skills and opportunities that the study of Geography can offer students.

Geography offers students a fantastic range of learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom, with fieldtrips forming an important part of the subject ethos. We systematically develop oracy and reading skills as well as developing a deep subject knowledge at Key Stage 3 that allows students to access both GCSE and A Level.

Our curriculum is based around 4 major themes which should equip students with the knowledge and understanding that will prepare them for their future lives and provide them with the appetite to pursue Geography GCSE and beyond into further studies.  

The 4 major themes in our vision for students:

  • Knowledge and Understanding  
  • Geographical Skills  
  • Evaluation and Judgement 
  • Awe and Wonder for the World 

7 Year Geography Learning Journey

Key Learning Concepts

Study Support

The department offers a wide range of opportunities in order for all students to engage actively, to have exciting experiences and fulfill their potential within the subject at all key stages. The department oversees the Academy’s Eco Club which through the use of student leadership is developing a range of eco-friendly strategies to improve the environment of the Academy and its surrounding area.  It also aims to secure the Eco Schools Green Flag Award during 2022 -23.

In addition, the KS3 Geography Curriculum will incorporate elements of a project called #WeWillExplore. The project encourages pupils and families to enjoy the great outdoors and become more active. In Geography students will build upon their map and navigation skills through the use of Geographical Information Systems. Pupils will design and take part in orienteering and geocache routes within the academy grounds and the local community, which includes 2 of our local feeder primary schools.  


Contact:  Head of Geography Mr W Elgar – [email protected]

Head of KS3 and concepts – Miss E Ullah – [email protected]

“I always enjoyed Geography but as time went on I began to see how it all fitted together and how human, physical and environmental aspects of the subject were interlinked and affected each other.”  Elizabeth White, Year 13

“I always found I enjoyed Geography lessons because they gave me a chance to show my interest in the wider world.  I began to realise I had a real talent for it.  I never thought I would be studying for A Level geography but here I am.”  Panashe Mashingaidze, Year 12

We aim to instil in students the essential knowledge and skills to become successful GCSE and A Level Geographers. We also feel the broad learning experience that covers all aspects of Geography from local to global; from physical through human to environmental; the development of fieldwork and enquiry skills, and the ability to respond to issues means students who stop doing Geography at the end of Year 9 still have a grasp of, and love for, the subject that will remain with them for life.

By the end of Year 9 students will have covered:

Year 7

Topic One: Location, Location, Location

Topic Two: Amazing Africa

Topic Three: Birmingham (including a field visit)

Topic Four: Weather and Climate

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8

Topic One: Tectonic Hazards

Topic Two: Contrasting China

Topic Three: Coasts (including a field visit)

Topic Four: Globalisation

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9

Topic One: Brilliant Brazil

Topic Two: We Will Explore (including Geographical Information Systems and exploration of the school grounds)

Topic Three: London

Topic Four: An introduction to Ecosystems

Year 9 Curriculum Map

We follow the AQA course which is balanced between human and physical geography and builds on our work at KS3.  In addition to the six modules which are listed below and examined in two 90 minute exam papers, students also undertake two enquiries which require fieldwork visits.  These fieldwork skills as well as the skills of graphicacy and numeracy are examined in a paper 3 which also has a pre-released element where the students have to apply their knowledge to a decision making scenario.  The modules are: Living World, Physical Landscapes in the UK and Hazards (Physical units), and Urban Environments, The Changing Economic World and Global Resource Management.

Year 10 Curriculum Map

Year 11 Curriculum Map

At KS5, the Geography department offers Geography at A Level and BTEC Travel & Tourism. Please see the Sixth Form section for more information.