Applied Art & Design (A Level)


Introduction to Course

Year 12 within the art department is all about experimentation, developing skills, confidence and stretching personal strengths and ideas. Practical Workshops are central to building a strong portfolio and reinforcing strong observational and experimentation skills. Within each of the specialisms, key skills are explored through a range of bespoke workshops which culminate in the presentation of a skilled based project preparing students for year 13 and their Personal Investigation Project.

A2 is about the individual, their strengths, interests and preferences– a totally personal project. A practical portfolio of work, supported by a written investigative essay along with a final response is created by students and submitted as well as the Externally Set Task at A2.

Exam Board/Specification


GCE Art & Design: Fine Art: H601, Photography: H603 and Textiles: H604

Example Project "Photography in Motion!"

The animated gif to the right is a piece by a Year 13 student Simran. The task was about creating narrative without words. The piece was made by creating a triptych frame in Photoshop and creating a series of multiple image layers which were then converted into animation frames.


Year 12 Projects

  • Practical workshops – Teacher assessment for each workshop
  • Students to create a Practical Portfolio of work to demonstrate advanced understanding of the Formal Elements in preparation for A2.

A2 Modules/Units

  • Personal Investigation – A personal project that includes a Practical portfolio of work and a related written study (01)
  • Externally set task (02)

A2 Assessment

  • Personal Investigation (01) – 120 marks – 60% of total A Level. A personal project that includes a Practical portfolio of work and a related written study

Progression Routes

Foundation course leading to a BA (Hons) degree in anything art-based that links to your chosen endorsement. For example:

  • Fine Art: painting, drawing, sculpture, print-making, ceramics, woods/metals and plastics, illustration etc.
  • Photography: film, animation, games design etc.
  • Textiles: fashion design, illustration, surface pattern etc.