Student Guide

Behaviour at GSA is underpinned by our 3 Golden Rules. 

Be Respectful

  • By showing respect for everyone in the Academy.
  • By showing respect for staff by following requests first time.
  • By showing respect to other students’ right to learn.
  • By showing respect for any equipment that is used.
  • By showing respect for the environment.

Be Responsible

  • By taking responsibility for their own learning by bringing in the correct equipment each day and completing all tasks to the best of their ability.
  • By taking responsibility for their own actions every time and not seeking to blame others.
  • By taking responsibility for their own progress by acting upon teachers advice with positivity.
  • By taking responsibility for their attendance and punctuality each day.
  • By taking responsibility for their own behaviour by ensuring they are the best person they can be at all times and every day.

Be Safe

  • By travelling around the Academy by walking on the left and holding doors open.
  • By listening to the advice from teachers, asking when they are unsure and using specialist equipment appropriately.
  • By reporting any concerns either to a member of staff or through the SHARP system.
  • By using digital technology appropriately.
  • By not putting themselves or others in danger through any inappropriate actions either on the way to or when going home from school.

Please find information below about our behaviour management system Class Charts, Microsoft Teams and general ICT support for students.

Our Behaviour Management System is ClassCharts

Click image to visit website.

ClassCharts is the behaviour monitoring system that is used to collate all behaviour information about you.  It records both positive and negative behaviour and can be seen by yourself, your parents and your staff. It is a ‘live’ resource and this means that your behaviour is monitored as it happens.

Your behaviour is monitored by each department and the pastoral team and you are rewarded for the accumulation of positive points based on your positive behaviour.  You are able to use these points to purchase items of stationery and early lunch passes amongst other incentives.  These points also contribute towards invites to rewards breakfasts with the Principal, half termly certificate presentations and gift vouchers.

As well as the tracking of positive behaviour, ClassCharts is also used to record and track any negative behaviour you are involved in.  If negative behaviour is present then you should expect to receive a sanction in line with the Academy behaviour policy.

You can access ClassCharts by either the internet or mobile APP (available via the Apple App Store or Google Play) and this is available to both yourself and your parents.  You are encouraged to download the APP and access this regularly in order to track progress and be able to purchase rewards in the ClassCharts shop.

If you have any problems accessing ClassCharts, please see the ICT Support tab below.

ClassCharts Guide – Pupils Accounts

The Academy’s ICT Support Team have setup a dedicated email address [email protected], for students to contact in order to request help accessing the following school accounts:

IMPORTANT: When requesting support via a non school email account you MUST provide us with the following information in your email for us to verify who you are and be able to provide you with future assistance:

  • Students Full Legal Name
  • Students Year Group / Form
  • Students Date of Birth
  • School Account User Name

Useful ICT Support Guides

Please click the links below to download copies of useful ICT Support Guides:

ClassCharts Guide – Pupils Accounts
ClassCharts Guide – Parent Accounts
Hegarty Maths Guide
Installing Microsoft Office 365 Apps
Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide
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