Salter Scholar Overview

Our Mission Statement at George Salter is to defy all disadvantages and to ensure that we are ambitious for every student who attends. The Salter Scholar programme has been designed to achieve this by instilling values along the way which will help students flourish in later life and contribute to society in a positive way. The Salter Scholar programme will prepare students for the ‘tests of life’ and not a ‘life of tests’, whilst developing their personal character around Performance, Moral, Civic and Intellectual virtues.

The Salter Scholar programme is broken down into 4 key areas: Pastoral (Moral), Curriculum (Intellectual), Volunteering/Outreach (Civic) and Co-Curricular (Performance). We have mapped these virtues to a quadrant. This will allow the student completing the programme to develop a range of character traits at one time.

If your child is unable to access one of their Salter Scholar Educational Visits due to financial reasons, funding support may be available.  Please click on the following link to see if your child meets the criteria to access this.

Salter Scholar Student Educational Visit Subsidisation Criteria

The 7 year Salter Scholar Journey that students take here at George Salter Academy is one that will enrich their character development. We want our students to participate in a range of enrichment activities, inter-house competitions and taking an active leadership role within our Academy.  This journey is one that will see students grow into confident learners and focuses on their Performance Values of Confidence, Determination, Motivation, Perseverance, Resilience and Teamwork. 

We want all students who leave George Salter Academy to know and value the importance of contributing to the wider society. We want our student to become responsible citizens who have a positive influence on others to do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Through this area of the Salter Scholar journey we hope to develop students’ Civic values of Neighbourliness, Service, Volunteering and Citizenship. Students will show these values through activities such as their charity work, #WeWill initiative and our community engagement work. This section will see students gain additional qualifications, experience a range of guest lecturers and participate in a number of careers events.

Character in the curriculum here at George Salter Academy is an integral part of developing our students’ Intellectual values of autonomy, critical thinking, curiosity, judgement, reasoning, reflection and resourcefulness. Character development is embedded throughout the student’s curriculum journey across the key stages and there are specific curriculum visits aligned with all departments as students’ progress through their 7 years at the Academy. There are clear character links throughout subject departments, students are expected to show a positive attitude to learning which includes parents evening attendance, demonstrating relevant character values as they progress through their curriculum concepts.

At George Salter we take our pastoral programme very seriously. Students receive 20 minutes of dedicated tutor time each morning with a varied curriculum consisting of: An Assembly, e-Briefing, Votes for School topic, Character Reading and a Personal Development session. Through this area of Salter Scholar we hope to develop articulate young people who can demonstrate Moral values such as Courage, Gratitude, Respect and Honesty. Students will show these values through activities such as the weekly reflections in their planner, being on time for school, taking an active part in the assembly rota and participating in our One World in One School events.