Medications in School- Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

My name is Kirsty Brazier and I am the Medical Officer at George Salter Academy. I am based in the medical room and I deal with your child if they have been injured or have medical conditions.

After reviewing our Medication Policy, we will no longer be able to hold non-prescribed medication in the medical room.

If your child needs regular, prescribed medication or has an Individual Healthcare Plan, we will keep your child’s medication in our locked cabinet, in the medical room.

If your child is unwell and has a short term course of treatment such as antibiotics for an infection, a medication form (which can be obtained from myself or from Reception) needs to be filled out by the parent/carer stating:

  • The amount of medication that has been provided
  • The time the child needs to have it
  • The dosage required

Your child will then be provided with a temporary medical card, allowing them to leave during lesson time to have their medication (if required). We, as an Academy, encourage your child to have their medicine during break times if possible to avoid missing lessons.

If paracetamol or other pain relief is required for your child, we can only keep this on a short term basis in school as it not prescribed by a doctor. As above, medication needs to be brought in by a parent/carer and the medication form needs to be filled in.

If your child has any non-prescribed medications, they will need to be collected from school by Friday 12th April 2024. Any medications not collected will be taken to a local pharmacy for safe disposal.

If you have any queries, please contact me to discuss further.

Kind regards,

Kirsty Brazier

Medical Officer

George Salter Academy

0121 553 4665 Ext 5335