Year 13 Student Success

Year 13 student Chloe had an incredible opportunity this Summer!

She wrote us a short summary about her time in Nepal and we are thrilled that she had such a wonderful experience.

‘During the summer I had the amazing opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Nepal, participating in a medical internship which involved visiting the hospitals, clinics and outreach programs, as well as being offered lectures on medicine and nursing. This program was for high school students from around the world and I was able to make friends with people from Canada, Japan, Luxembourg and Korea as well as many other countries.

I was able to talk to many healthcare professionals and see many different departments and patients. I was even able to observe some medical procedures. We also spent a day at a school in a deprived area giving check-ups to children that can’t afford to see a doctor. As well as the invaluable medical experience, I was immersed into another culture. My group was taken to a cultural dance and were encouraged to participate in traditional dances. We also had the chance to make momo, a traditional Nepalese dish. One of the most memorable recreational activities was a jeep safari in Chitwan National Park where we saw various animals such as rhinos and deer and even got to stroke an elephant.

This experience really helped to build my confidence and independence, especially as I had to travel to and from Nepal by myself. To end on an interesting fact when I travelled to Nepal it was July 2022 however, in Nepal it was Shrawan, the fourth month, 2079 so technically I travelled to the future.’

A huge thank you to Chloe for telling us all about her exciting Summer!