Product Design (A Level)


Introduction to Course

This course helps students to develop a broad view of design technology, developing skills in both creative designing of a product and following it through to the completion of the constructed product. It enables students to appreciate the complex relations between designs, materials, manufacture and marketing. Product Design provides students with the opportunity to be creative in thought and then develop the creative ideas into a finished product relating this to its place in the current markets.

Exam Board/Specification

Pearson Edexcel


  • Topic 1: Materials
  • Topic 2: Performance characteristics of materials
  • Topic 3: Processes and techniques
  • Topic 4: Digital technologies
  • Topic 5: Factors influencing the development of products
  • Topic 6: Effects of technological developments
  • Topic 7: Potential hazards and risk assessment
  • Topic 8: Features of manufacturing industries
  • Topic 9: Designing for maintenance and the cleaner environment
  • Topic 10: Current legislation
  • Topic 11: Information handling, Modelling and forward planning
  • Topic 12: Further processes and techniques.


  • Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes, 50% of the qualification, 120 marks
  • Design and Make a Project: 50% of the qualification, 120 marks

Progression Routes

Product Design candidates may enter career areas where they make daily use of their subject knowledge and skills. Of those who do, a significant proportion work in multi-disciplinary teams. In such teams, they could be working alongside electrical, mechanical and software engineers; colleagues from marketing and others who are materials specialists, for example. Job areas related to your degree include:

  • Engineering – Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications – Mechanical,Automotive and Aerospace – Product Design
  • Science – Science (Writing, Research, Testing and Regulation) – Patents & Regulation
  • Communications – Advertising, PR, Marketing & Market Research
  • Business – Sales, Logistics and Retail