Drama & Theatre Studies (A Level)


Introduction to Course

A Level Drama is a stimulating, challenging and practical course that will encourage you to develop your personal and social interaction with others and introduce you to a fascinating range of drama practitioners, key theatrical movements and performance opportunities. The work explored will reflect 21st century theatre practice and is an excellent building block in developing knowledge, understanding and skills from Key Stage 4 Drama.

Exam Board/Specification

Pearson Edexcel 9DR0


  • Component One: Devising
  • Component Two: Text in Performance
  • Component Three: Theatre Makers in Practice


  • Component One: A written portfolio and devised performance. 40% of the qualification, internally marked
  • Component Two: A group performance and monologue/ duologue. 20% of the qualification, externally marked by a visiting examiner.
  • Component Three: A written paper of 2.5 hours. 40% of the qualification, externally marked.

Progression Routes

Almost any job that involves interacting with others will reap the benefits of studying A Level Drama and Theatre Studies. Within the arts industry, this qualification could assist you in pursuing careers in acting, television, radio presenting or media.