Back to School Letter 2023

30th August 2023

Dear Parent/ Carer,

It has been an eventful and positive summer.  The school site has improved with lots of cosmetic work undertaken, some rooms have been upgraded and all have been renamed.  Finally we can teach in rooms that have a name that makes sense, e.g. Geography in Geog.1.  You may have seen the press coverage of our students’ tremendous exam success,  Well done to all Year 11 and Year 13 students and we wish you all the very best of luck in your next steps.

I know that you have received regular texts about the academy uniform throughout the summer and want to thank you for your support ahead of the return to school.

Our academy uniform has not changed over the last six years and we have few badged items. If you are struggling to purchase items we do have a store of second hand items which are, in many cases, as brand new.  If the uniform is causing a concern please do contact your child’s SWM.

Every year towards the end of the holidays students may be tempted to get their hair dyed or piercings done.  Can I please remind you of our policy regarding such matters:  one stud per ear and no unnatural hair colours.   We do not relax our procedures if a child arrive with recently dyed hair or piercings.

We have previously contacted you regarding matters such as shoes and skirts.   Please be mindful that many shops seem to suggest that black trainers are shoes; they are not.   Similarly, we are insisting that skirts are no more than 6cm from the knee; short skirts are simply not allowed.  Can I also ask that you are careful with skirt material?  Stretchy and tight fitting skirts ‘ride up’ and are not allowed.

From the first day in September if a student arrives with inappropriate uniform we will contact home and ask for a change to be brought to school.  If this is not possible, the student will not socialise with others at social time; a supervised room and staffing has been allocated.   The student will still have time for lunch and toilet.

One final reminder:  students are expected to arrive to school with a pencil case containing a pen, pencil and ruler and have a reading book.

We have worked really hard to keep the cost of our academy uniform to a minimum, it hasn’t changed for a long time and was designed collaboratively with students.  If the cost of uniform is a concern please do contact the academy via the Student Welfare Manager.

We are proud of our students appearance and really value your support in maintaining our very high standards. Have a great end to the summer and we look forwards to seeing our students back in the academy on Wednesday 6th September at the time stated below.

Adrian Price


Return to school arrangements

Wednesday 6th September

YearArrival TimeEntry PointExit Point (3.10pm)
  7From 8.15am (for a prompt 8.40am start)PE Gate (end of Davey Road)PE Gate (end of Davey Road)
  810.50am (for a prompt 11.05am start)    Either Dudley Street or PE Gate entrance (end of Davey Road)    Either Dudley Street or PE Gate entrance (end of Davey Road)
  910.50am (for a prompt 11.05am start)
  1010.50am (for a prompt 11.05am start)
  1110.50am (for a prompt 11.05am start)
  12From 8.15am (for a prompt 8.40am start)  6th form entrance  6th form entrance
  13From 12.50pm (for a prompt 1.20pm start)  6th form entrance  6th form entrance