George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Health & Social Care

GCE AS and A Level

Note: The last year this course is offered is in 2016/2017 - it will not be available from 2017/2018 onwards.

This course has been developed to recognise learners’ skills, knowledge and understanding of the health, social care and early years sector and the settings, job roles, principles and values involved. Learners carry out a range of tasks that have been designed to recognise their achievements in a modern, practical way that is relevant to the workplace.

Exam board/specification

AQA 2820

Entry requirements

  • OCR Nationals Health and Social Care Level 2 (pass)
  • Minimum of grade C in GCSE English Language
  • GCSE equivalent to four passes at grade C

Progression routes from this course

Social work, nursing and midwifery, social care, counselling and psychological services, teaching, children’s and family services.

AS Modules/Units

  • HSC01: Effective Care and Communication
  • HSC02: Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Pathways

AS Assessment

  • HSC01: Portfolio of work
  • HSC02: Exam


A2 Modules/Units

  • HSC05: Learning and Development
  • HSC06: Practioners Roles

A2 Assessment

  • HSC05: Exam
  • HSC06: Coursework



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