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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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NEWS @ George Salter Academy

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Friday 09.03.2018

Mock trial competition success!

students at mock trial competitionWe had our first ever local heat mock trial competition on Saturday, 17 March, at the Birmingham Magistrates Court with a group of year 9 students.

There were 9 schools competing (5 being grammar schools) of which only 2 were selected for the next round. We were one of them coming second to Kind Edward VI Handsworth School!

There were some natural lawyers in that court room who left everyone amazed. The Magistrates and the Court Ushers were highly impressed at how ... [continue "Mock trial competition" story]


Monday 19.03.2018

I have a dream...

our students going to Birmingham university to study medicine"The dream of being a doctor is something some students will have from a very early age."

Elisha, Ria and Suman have always had a keen interest in medicine.

They all applied to the University of Birmingham, which is a very competitive course. All three of them have been accepted.

We are so proud of them. Thank you to Dr Stevens and their tutors who have supported the girls with their applications every step of the way.


Wednesday 14.03.2018

Learning @ Star City

studens at star cityYesterday, our Year 13 Psychology students attended a grade booster exam workshop at Star City run by Tutor2U.

Our students found the day really useful and won plenty of prizes that were offered to all the schools who were there.

Our Psychology students were the lucky winners of the Prize question draw and won £10. Well done to them all, their behaviour was exemplary for the Academy.


Tuesday 13.03.2017

Dancing at the Arena Theatre

chicane dance company membersOur Chicane Dance Company were invited to perform their work "Confliction" at "Propel Youth Dance Platform" at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhanpton.

Propel is a diverse youth dance platform showcasing exciting new and developing works, hosted by Flexus Dance Collective.

They received wonderful feedback and had an amazing day watching outstanding youth dance work.



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