George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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BTEC National Extended Certificate (equivalent to one A Level);
BTEC National Diploma (equivalent to two A Levels)

These qualifications are designed to provide highly specialist, work-related qualifications in a range of vocational sectors. They give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment. Students will complete from 3 to 12 units depending on the level they have chosen. Each unit has a combination of theory and practical elements linked to a range of industrial partners such as Balfour Beatty and Jaguar Land Rover..

Exam board/specification

Pearson Edexcel

Entry requirements

It is recommended that candidates have attained communication and literacy skills at a level equivalent to GCSE grade C in English and numeracy skills at a level equivalent to grade C in Mathematics. It is also desirable that candidates have studied GCSE Resistant Materials or Graphic Products.

Progression routes from this course

Vocational pathway: BTEC Higher National qualifications or gain employment through apprenticeships

Applied qualification pathway: Advanced Diploma, Foundation degree, and apprenticeships

University: study design or engineering

Careers: Engineering is a huge career family with a lot of different jobs, but many of them involve machines and practical processes. So if you like working with your hands and understanding how things work you might want to explore jobs from Acoustics consultant and CAD echnician to aerospace engineer and naval architect.

Year 1 units (National Extended Certificate) - 4 units

  • Engineering Principles
  • Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team
  • Engineering Product Design and Manufacture
  • Applied Commercial and Quality Principles in Engineering
  • One more unit of student choice

Year 1 Assessment

  • Three units assessed externally
  • One unit assessed internally


Year 2 units (National Diploma)

  • A Specialist Engineering Project
  • Microcontroller Systems for Engineers
  • 4 further units chosen to meet the interests and aspirations
    of the students

Year 2 Assessment

  • Two units assessed externally
  • Four units assessed internally through coursework



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