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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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GCE AS and A Level

A Level Business is an exciting new course, allowing students to investigate different types and sizes of organisation in various business sectors and environments, and in local, national and global contexts. The course is designed to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in business, students will acquire competence in quantitative skills.

Exam board/specification

Pearson Edexcel 9BS0

Entry requirements

Minimum of a grade C in five GCSE subjects including Maths and English

Progression routes from this course

An A Level in Business can lead to a career in Economics, Business, Enterprise, Marketing, Accountancy, Law, and many more areas.

AS Modules

    Theme 1
  • Meeting customer needs
  • The market
  • Marketing mix and strategy
  • Managing people
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders

    Theme 2
  • Raising Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Managing Finance
  • Resource Management
  • External Influences

AS Assessment

    Theme 1 - Marketing and people
  • Paper 1 – Marketing and people (1 hour 30 mins) 50%

    Theme 2 - Managing business activities
  • Paper 2 – Managing business activities (1 hour 30 mins) 50%


AS Modules

    Theme 3
  • Business objectives and strategy
  • Business growth
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Influences on business decisions
  • Assessing competitiveness
  • Managing change

    Theme 4
  • Globalisation
  • Global markets and business
  • Expansion
  • Global marketing
  • Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)

A2 Assessments

  • Paper 1 – Marketing, people and global businesses (2 hours) 35 %
  • Paper 2 – Business activities, decisions and strategy (2 hours) 35%
  • Paper 3 – Investigating business in a competitive environment (2hours) 30%
    This paper has a pre-released context to enable students to investigate an industry or market in which businesses operate. Students on the A-level course will work on this after their AS exam leave and during the summer before Y13 starts in the September.



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