Latest January Update

Dear Parents/ Carers,  

Please forgive the intrusion into your holiday but I thought that you might appreciate a response to recent developments.  

Following the Education Secretary’s late announcement I confirm that our school will open a week later for our year 11 and year 13 students, i.e. Monday 11th Jan. We currently plan to be open for all students week beginning 18th Jan.     

Remote teaching will be provided for all year groups from Tuesday 5th when we expect to deliver live lessons via TEAMS, starting with a live pastoral session at 8.40am. From the 11th Jan this plan will change as we hope to welcome back exam groups so please continue to look out for all academy communications.   

We will, once again, host ‘an all day group’ of students from the 5th Jan. This group will consist of those identified by the academy as a priority for on-site provision, and those children of critical workers. We will contact parents/ carers with a form to complete if you believe the critical worker provision applies to your household.  

External exams which are calendared will take place as scheduled. Students who are expected to sit these examinations will be contacted.   

We await further national, local and Trust guidance on the rapid testing plan but we aim to take our time to set up a system in the first week; staff and year 11/13 students will be the first to be tested. As always, we will follow the guidance, and do all that we can to achieve what needs to be done.  

I am well aware that you may have many questions. Can I please ask that you wait until we open on Monday and communicate further regarding such things as testing arrangements, remote learning, and exams? 

I genuinely believe that Spring is around the corner and so is a time for optimism. Enjoy every second of your holiday and try to do something for yourself. 

A massive thank you in anticipation of your continued support.  

Adrian Price, Principal.