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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Our News

News 2018

Mock trial competition success!

Friday 23.03.2018

students at mock trial competitionWe had our first ever local heat mock trial competition on Saturday, 17 March, at the Birmingham Magistrates Court with a group of year 9 students.

There were 9 schools competing (5 being grammar schools) of which only 2 were selected for the next round. We were one of them coming second to Kind Edward VI Handsworth School!

There were some natural lawyers in that court room who left everyone amazed. The Magistrates and the Court Ushers were highly impressed at how our school performed considering we have only been practising for less than 3 weeks (bearing in mind that other schools have been preparing since last September)!

We are very proud of all the students who took part. This couldn't have happened without Amirah Shan and Muslima Khanom in year 13, who have given up so much of their own time to help prepare the students for the trial.

We shall now go onto the regional heat at Wolverhampton Combined Courts in May to win a place at the Nationals in June.


I have a dream...

Monday 19.03.2018

our students going to Birmingham university to study medicine"The dream of being a doctor is something some students will have from a very early age."

Elisha, Ria and Suman have always had a keen interest in medicine.

They all applied to the University of Birmingham, which is a very competitive course. All three of them have been accepted.

We are so proud of them. Thank you to Dr Stevens and their tutors who have supported the girls with their applications every step of the way.



Learning @ Star City

Wednesday 14.03.2018

studens at star cityYesterday, our Year 13 Psychology students attended a grade booster exam workshop at Star City run by Tutor2U.

Our students found the day really useful and won plenty of prizes that were offered to all the schools who were there.

Our Psychology students were the lucky winners of the Prize question draw and won £10. Well done to them all, their behaviour was exemplary for the Academy.




Dancing at the Arena Theatre

Tuesday 13.03.2018

chicane dance company dancingOur Chicane Dance Company were invited to perform their work "Confliction" at "Propel Youth Dance Platform" at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhanpton.

Propel is a diverse youth dance platform showcasing exciting new and developing works, hosted by Flexus Dance Collective.

They received wonderful feedback and had an amazing day watching outstanding youth dance work.




Great successes at Sandwell Schools Athletics!

Friday 09.03.2018

GSA KS3 overall winnersGSA celebrated numerous successes at the Sandwell Schools Athletics competition yesterday.

The competition saw pupils from Sandwell school teams competing for both girls and boys.

Students compete for certificates, medals and trophies as individuals and for their school teams:

  • The GSA KS3 Athletics team became champions of this year's Sandwell Schools Athletics competition!
  • The Boys team came 1st overall
  • The Girls team came 3rd overall
  • Year 9 Girls came 1st overall
  • Year 9 Boys came 2nd overall
  • Year 8 Boys became 1st overall
  • Year 7 Girls came 3rd overall
  • Year 7 Boys came 3rd overall
  • Congratulations to Tysha and Dom for their merit at the Athletics! Fantastic effort throughout the competition!
  • Congratulations to Joszet for coming 1st overall Year 9 girl
  • Congratulations to Isabell for coming 3rd overall Year 9 girl
  • Congratulations to Kymari for coming 3rd overall Year 7 boy

View the pictures from the Athletics on Facebook Facebook icon


Poetry Day

Tuesday 06.03.2018

poetry day with Kurly McGeachieYear 8 were joined by Birmingham Poet Laureate Matt Windle and Performance Poet Kurly on Tuesday for a fantastic day centred around British Cultural Values.

"Most kids have a preconceived idea that poetry and the Poet Laureate is for old people. They are amazed to see that it is someone of my age who is a professional boxer." says Matt, the self-styled "Poet With Punch".

After working hard to prepare their poems, the day ended with some incredible performances on topical and important issues.

Well done to all students involved!


World Book Day

Monday 05.03.2018

teachers dressed up as their favourite book charactersGeorge Salter Academy fully entered into the spirit of World Book Day last week as staff dressed up as their favourite literary characters.

The Science department celebrated with their own version of Treasure Island whilst elsewhere there were Alice In Wonderland characters, Snow Whites, Red Riding Hood complete with a wolf and a whole host of Harry Potters.

Sixth Form staff and students also dressed up as their favourite characters for World Book Day.

Students took part in a range of literary inspired activities including Everyone Read in Class Together where the whole academy got stuck into a book.

The day was a huge success and we hope it inspires everyone to read for pleasure.

View the pictures from the World Book Day on Facebook Facebook icon


Shortlisted for National Dance Platform

Sunday 25.02.2018

chicane dance company membersChicane Dance Company were one of only 8 dance companies selected from across the region to perform in the UDance regional dance platform at Birmingham Hippodrome.

As part of the platform students participated in workshops from professional dance artists and were able to watch other youth dance works. The dancers have just found out they have been shortlisted for the National Dance Platform taking place later this year.

We are thrilled!


Great coverage by the Express & Star

Tuesday 13.02.2018

west side story articleWest Bromwich school to perform West Side Story

Students from George Salter Academy are bringing West Side Story to West Bromwich for the school’s annual music production.

More than 480 tickets have been sold for the performance which runs from Tuesday to Thursday next week in the Academy’s Green Room theatre.

Josie Clark, head of drama at the school, said: "We have got a fantastic group of 65 students from across the key stages. We are looking forward to it and it is a fantastic opportunity for our students to display their wide-ranging talents and passion for performing arts."

"For us, West Side Story is timeless and has universal themes." Ms Clark said they were attracted to the production because of its challenging choreography and dynamic musical score.

Calum Dearn, aged 18, will star as Tony alongside Emma Millinchip, 17, who will star as Maria. Musicians from the University of Wolverhampton will also collaborate with the academy to perform the score.

Past productions have included Les Miserables, Grease, We Will Rock You, Fame, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Fame Forever, Our House and Oliver!

Read the article at the Express & Star website


Our Awards Evening!

Thursday 08.02.2018

awards eveningOn Thursday 18th January 2018 we were delighted to hold our KS4 and KS5 Subject Awards Evening.

Over 70 students (past and present) received awards for Attainment and Endeavour.

The evening featured musical performances from students across all key stages and Head Boy, Jeenesh Patel, and Head Girl, Shaakirah Khan, gave a very moving address.

View the pictures from the event on Facebook Facebook icon


Digital Music Lab Day

Friday 26.01.2018

GSA students outside Birmingham ConservatoireOn Wednesday 24th January the A Level Music Technology students were invited to a Digital Music Lab workshop at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

We explored loads of different ways of composing using technology and used recorded performances to showcase these techniques. We were given a tour of the new conservatoire and told about the courses they had to offer, which were appealing.

It was a very immersive day and fascinating to see the new technologies in action. We saw a million pound mixing desk which was amazing!!

We are looking forward to collaborating with the conservatoire again soon!

Written by Emma Millinchip, Aron Shoker and Tyriq Baker


Our PSHE Day

Thursday 25.01.2018

PHSE day studentsOn Wednesday 24th, we had a PSHE Day which involved a Create a Country session for the first, second and last lesson.

We also took part in a politics workshop led by The Round Midnight Theatre Company during the third and fourth lessons.

We took part in the create a country session in form groups. There were 3 main teams involved in the session:

  • Political team
  • Cultural team
  • Finance team

As the leader of the form, I was part of the Policy Team. There were different roles in my team:

  • Leader
  • Policy Makers
  • Environmental Ministers
  • And the Human Rights Ministers

The roles in the Cultural team were:

  • Flag Designers
  • National Anthem Writers
  • Location manager

PSHE students workThe Financial team all worked together to discuss how much money they will spend on health, education, etc. Personally, I really enjoyed the task as it was a good way to engage with other members of the team, try new things and experience leading an entire class. Everyone worked well together as a team and the task was successful for our form.

In addition to creating a country as a class, members of our form went to other groups and members from other classes came to our group. We presented the ideas from our country and shared our country name. The other groups rated different aspects of our ideas from our own country and the other members of our form listened to other people’s ideas and rated their presentation. Our presentation went well, and people seemed impressed. I thought that it was a good idea to look at other classes countries and ideas as it gave us a chance to decide whose ideas we thought were better and compare our work to theirs.

Furthermore, the workshop was an enjoyable and interactive experience. There were parts of acting but an even balance of education incorporated into it. The actors interacted with us in different ways involving

  • Voting
  • Asking for our opinions
  • And bringing people from the audience to the front

PSHE student dancingI learnt lots of things about politics and enjoyed watching the process. I mostly enjoyed the funny bits of the show.  For example, one of the actors narrated most of the show and the other actors acted out what he was saying to give us an easier way of understanding and to make it more engaging.

Additionally, another actor was playing the role of a school girl who also didn’t know much about politics and the term “democracy”. It was like she was asking the questions for us which led on to the narrator explaining those things to us as well as the other things.

After the performance, students from year 7 and 8 were chosen to do a session with the narrator of the show.
During the session, we got into 4 groups of 8 and had to think of local issues that frustrated us, and we wanted to change. Our group thought of the idea that we should have more multi-cultural food in the canteen, for example:

  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • American, etc

PSHE studentsOnce we had come up with our ideas, we had to organize a pitch explaining how we were going to advertise our idea and explain why we chose that idea. Later we voted for who we thought should win out of the 4 groups. Once the scores were counted it was a tie, however, the teacher put forward his vote and we won.

Overall, the day was extremely enjoyable but very educating at the same time. The Create a Country session was a good way for me to work with other people and lead a team. The workshop taught me a lot about politics and was fun to watch at the same time.

Holly Werhun (Year 8)


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