George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Student Life

Joining Post-16 at George Salter Academy means more than just studying - read more of the opportunities open to students:

  • Enrichment through a programme of electives running on Wednesday afternoons
  • Careers, and university advice and guidance
  • Personal tutor working with individual students
  • Study support opportunities offered through Saturday Schools, Twilight Sessions, Residentials, University Masterclasses
  • Student Council, enabling students to have their say about their learning, Post-16 life, and the contribution they can make to the Academy, the local community, worthy causes and world issues.
  • Opportunities programme, enabling students to take every opportunity open to them.


Each Wednesday afternoon, students have the opportunity to choose from a range of enrichment activities, some of which will help their studies, others which challenge students to try a new skill and others to keep them fit.

Elective Number of students
Basketball 23
Catering 11
Debating 10
Driving Lessons 20
GCSE Maths (retake) 20
GCSE English (retake) 8
Film Club 53
Football 32
French 2
Geography 8
Insanity (Dance) 12
Music Tech 13
Netball 13
Punjabi (A-Level) 5
Product Design 5
Work Experience 36
Electives summary


Care & Support

Personal Tutor

All students have a personal tutor, to guide them through their studies, and provide them with the skills needed to succeed at Post-16. Students are given dedicated time to learn about time management, study skills, revision skills and examination skills.

Students are also introduced to current affairs and regularly discuss issues in the news, during the time with their tutor.

In year 13, tutors spend a significant amount of time with the students in their groups working on their UCAS applications, and applications for employment and apprenticeships.

Students are also supported in learning about student finance, and wider financial issues that will affect them in the adult environment.

Progress Phases

On four occasions during the year, information is collected on the progress of all students. Interventions are put in place if students are struggling with any of their subjects, to ensure that they soon get back on track.

Parents’ Evenings are held at least once a year and are in accordance with our principle of regular feedback and communication with students and parents/guardians.


We have a zero tolerance for bullying and any member of the Post 16 team are available to talk to, if a student feels like that they are being bullied.


Information, Advice and Guidance

All Post-16 students at George Salter Academy benefit from training in the skills needed to get to the next stage in their life.


Skills used when applying for employment or internships Employability Skills Career specific skills UCAS application training
  • Writing CVs
  • Completing application forms
  • Applying for apprenticeships
  • Applying for and getting the most from work experience and internships
  • Taking part in group assessments
  • Handling telephone interviews
  • In-tray exercise skills
  • Interview skills
  • Taking psychometric tests
  • Taking part in role plays
  • Written communication skills
  • Spoken communication skills
  • Giving presentations
  • Numeracy skills
  • IT for the workplace
  • Team working
  • Organisational skills
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Art and Design
  • Computers and IT
  • Teaching and Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Leisure, Sport and Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Retail
  • Laboratory and Research Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • The Armed Forces
  • The Public Services
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Completing personal details
  • Choosing courses and universities
  • Getting the most from Open Days
  • Writing the personal statement
  • Understanding student finance
  • Sessions run by academics at a range of universities
Skills gained at GSA

Student Council

The Post-16 Student Council has been set up to give a voice to students, through a team of volunteers. Student Council members are given roles of responsibility on Student Council to meet, discuss and shape life at George Salter Academy Post-16.

Each member of the Student Council has a responsibility for working with a team of officers, and to report back to the Student Council at a half-termly meeting. Each team of officers has a specific role, as listed below.

  1. Officers who work with staff on links with local Primary Schools.
  2. Officers working on ensuring the Post-16 Environment is as good as it can be
  3. Officers arranging Social Events for our Post-16 Community.
  4. Officers working on supporting the Wider Community through Charity Work
  5. Officers working on Sporting Facilities and Activities for Post-16 students
  6. Officers working on a Student Magazine for our Post-16 Community

Study Support

George Salter Academy offers a first class study support package for all students that attend Post-16, and has built a reputation for providing an unprecedented level of study support. We believe in an all year round approach, not just on the run-up to examination periods, and this approach is integral to our students’ successful results. In fact, on many occasions our staff respond directly to student requests to put on additional study support sessions, such is the desire for them to achieve their maximum potential.

Our all year round approach is divided into various sub categories which include Saturday schools, holiday programmes, evening (Twilights) and after school sessions. In addition, there are a number of residentials that take place each year, both within the UK and abroad, some of which are pure recreation, whilst others offer a targeted academic focus.

Specific examples of regular opportunities include an annual weekend visit to the Eden Project, where post-16 students display their art and photography work. The Level 3 public services group enjoy an activity week based at an outdoor adventure centre in Bude, Cornwall, consisting of abseiling, rock climbing and surfing to name just a few of the activities. Upcoming overseas residentials in the 2011/12 academic year included Spain, Paris and Italy.

Study support is not only about additional, teacher-led activities. George Salter Academy offers all students the opportunity to study independently in a quiet environment until 9.30pm every weeknight and between 10.00am and 4.00pm at weekends. We appreciate that it is often difficult to study effectively with distractions at home so our facilities provide students with access to environments that are more conducive to independent study.

What students have said

Law Residential:

"On the Law Residential we stayed at the Frank Chapman Centre in Bewdley. We did lots of revision and had time to do independent study as well. The staff made the revision fun, and we all got to know each other really well. As we had been working so hard, we went on a supervised walk in the woods." Ruzina Begum

Business Residential:

"Teachers are willing to go that extra mile for students to help them get the grade they need. I personally appreciated the business residential, where teachers gave up their valuable time so that I am able to get the grade I need to secure my place at university." Pavandeep Kaur

Holiday Programmes:

"Holidays are a great way to secure higher grades in your coursework because there are teachers available to support you. I have done this for ICT and that has allowed me to aim high and achieve to the best of my ability." Amanjot Kaur

Twilight Sessions:

"While studying psychology I have noticed that the psychology teachers go to great lengths to enhance student understanding of the topics. They dedicate their time after school in twilight sessions to help the students who are struggling in certain topics. The twilight sessions consist of intense revision and they help tremendously. I have personally benefited from these twilight sessions by moving up two grades." Selina Kumar

Saturday/Sunday Schools:

"Who would think school would be open on a Sunday? George Salter Sixth Form allows students to come in at the weekend for revision, catch up sessions and exam preparation. Accounts, alongside many other subjects, have done this which was useful for me as I was able to focus on one subject for the whole day with a teacher by my side." Gurjinder Toor

"Just before the exams, we had extra revision sessions on a Sunday. An academic from Aston University came in to talk us through some of the topics. It really helped."

Eden Project:

"Eden for me was a great experience, it allowed me to showcase my work as well as look at local galleries around the area. We also spent some time around the town to get food and relax on the beach. I would definitely go again, it was a great opportunity which was provided by the Art department staff." Ashley Cooke

Opportunities Programme

We believe that all students should take advantage of as many opportunities as they can at Post-16 level, whilst not jeopardising their studies.

We encourage and support students to:

  • Undertake work experience
  • Undertake voluntary work
  • Be involved in local community projects
  • Take an active role in fund raising
  • Work with younger students as mentors and peer guides
  • Take an interest in current affairs

*Paid employment – we acknowledge the value of jobs to students but advise a maximum of eight hours per week.


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