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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Music (Technology)

GCE AS and A Level

Are you:

  • Keen to learn to be a studio engineer/producer and record music?
  • Interested in the way popular music has evolved?
  • Someone who enjoys listening to music?
  • Fascinated to learn about the development of music technology?

If yes, then A Level Music Technology is the course for you!

Music has the unique power to connect to a person’s soul and Music Technology plays a key role in that across the globe by being central to the creation and production of it. This A level course is designed to open up a range of exciting and useful skills to students, and to encourage them to learn about the subject. Students, including those who do not play a traditional instrument, are encouraged to explore their musicality and create original music using technology.

Exam board/specification

Edexcel 8MT01/9MTO1

Entry requirements

Minimum of a grade C in GCSE Music or a merit or above in BTEC music and preferably basic skills on an instrument. If none of those requirements are met then a student may be able to access the course if they can demonstrate previous Music Technology skills through a portfolio of their own sequenced/ composed music.

Progression routes from this course

The course provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to study Music Technology and Sound Engineering to degree level.

AS Modules/Units

  • Unit 1A: Sequenced Realised Performance
  • Unit 1B: Multi-track Recording
  • Unit 1C: Creative Sequenced Arrangement
  • Unit 2: Listening exam that includes a special focus section

AS Assessment

  • Unit 1A (6MTO1): 11.7% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 1B (6MTO1): 11.7% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 1C (6MTO1): 11.7% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 2 (6MT02): 15% of overall course (external exam)


A2 Modules/Units

  • Unit 3A: Sequenced Integrated Performance
  • Unit 3B: Multi-track Recording
  • Unit 3C: Composing Using Music Technology
  • Unit 4: Production and theory exam including 16-mark essay question based on the history of music technology and recording

A2 Assessment

  • Unit 3A (6MTO3) – 10% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 3B (6MTO3) – 10% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 3C (6MTO3) – 10% of overall course (coursework – ongoing assessment)
  • Unit 4 (6MT04) – 20% of overall course (external exam)



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